The Elections

Is anyone else sick and tired of the way this election has been going? I know I am. We have a President who just loves to repeat lies over and over about how Romney outsourced all of these jobs to China even though they have been debunked over and over again. even say that its not accurate and that organization is funded by the number ‘spooky doo’ himself, George Soros. and then we keep hearing about all of the jobs he has created. well i would love to know in which industry these jobs were created. my guess is they are all public sector workers and most of them have probably been hired as IRS workers who are going to be tasked with enforcing the new healthcare mandate. Claims he will not tax the middle class Obamacare is a tax.  but i don’t feel like diving too deep into this subject. that dead horse has been beaten for too long as far as I’m concerned.

I have never seen an administration so shielded by the media in my life. They have become surrogates, attack dogs, guardians, however you want to say it. If you think you can trust the media anymore you are just flat wrong. Just the other night we had a Presidential debate hosted by a “journalist” from CNN, Candy Crowley who at one point defended the President when Mitt Romney alleged that the



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